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I’m a creative designer based in the heartbeat of London.


My skills are principally within creative and digital design. I offer an established capability to conduct creative analysis and design solutions for multi-faceted campaigns including advertising, marketing, promotional activity or branding. I’ve worked on projects from many backgrounds and industries to create an implement and thoughtful visual campaign or piece.


I am adept at listening to client’s needs, analyzing them and applying the best designed solution using my own unique style and techniques alongside brand guidelines. Working freelance has taught me to take constructive criticism and adapt my ideas to clients and colleague’s feedback. Additionally, it has also allowed me to become organized, a self-starter and enabled me to meet deadlines in a high-pressure environment whilst managing multiple projects.


With my personal and freelance work I document and observe the world around us, telling the stories of lives and journeys as they pass through this adventure. I like to focus in on emotions being expressed and manifested in different mediums.


 I challenge the viewer to look from different vantage points and see something you’re not accustomed to seeing. Offering the viewer with an alternate perception of the given subject. My work is a voice for the voiceless. Allowing the opportunity for all to have a presence and to demonstrate that we are one.


We live in a world abundant with hate and divide, whether that be race, gender, faith or other.  My work is created to challenge that divide from the very core. Allowing for a new vision to set in as we continue to journey.




May 2017 - Feature in ‘Hangry’ blog  http://www.giadagiachino.com/hangry/2017/6/3/usama-kise-tied-together


May 2017 - 'Shift' Illustration and Visual Communication final degree show catalogue


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May 2017: Experience Nottinghamshire feature -



December 2016: Exposition blog feature -



April 2014: Gloucester Citizen feature -


2011 - Present: Coloured souls collective -



April 2011: History of Nottingham Graffiti Documentary





May 2016 - Distant Horizon travel award


March 2015 - Artist of the month at Creative Debuts -






July 2017: 'Complete Abstraction' - 508 Kings Road gallery, Chelsea, London


May 2017: 'Shift Happens' - Richmix, Bethnal Green, London


May 2017: 'Sprectrum' - 508 Kings Road gallery, Chelsea, London


March 2017: 'Creative 508' - 508 Kings Road gallery, Chelsea, London


December 2016: 'Exhibition 191' - Black and White building, London


March 2016: 'Ineffable' - Gallery West, University of Westminster, London


April 2015: 'The Untold' - Gallery West, University of Westminster, London


March 2015: 'Creative Debuts Showcase' - Black and White building, London


December 2014: 'The Body Politic' - Gallery West, University of Westminster, London


September 2013: 'Notts Property' - Switch gallery, Nottingham

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